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Parking Bahnhofstrasse 96

Bahnhofstraße, 96-98
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Print the voucher and leave it clearly on the dashboard before you park. The Bahnhofstrasse 96 car park is great if you’re going to catch a train from Giessen train station, as you can park up basically outside of the train station. It couldn’t be any easer, just think you’ve booked your ticket, you’ll have packed your bags, got that presentation ready… but you were thinking of just chancing it with your parking, well not today thanks to the Bahnhofstrasse 96 car park. Just 8 minutes away from this great value car park is the University Hospital, so although we wish that you don’t have to go there, sometimes a trip in unavoidable. Luckily by parking at Bahnhofstrasse 96 car park you can park up and get there without the stress! Late to lectures because you couldn’t find anywhere to park near the University of Giessen? Well, the Bahnhofstrasse 96 car park is just a 20 minute walk away! Pretty good, right? So for a great value car park with a fantastic location, book your parking at the Bahnhofstrasse 96 car park with Parclick now!Leer menos
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lunes a domingo 18:00 - 07:00
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Bahnhofstraße, 96-98